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Hughes Painting, LLC


The Best of Professionals

Licensed, Insured & Certified

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Dwight Hughes, Owner

Toni Hughes, Co-Owner & CFO

Hughes Painting provides high pressure sand and water-blasting, and other methods to clean steel and other surfaces to prepare for the application of various coating systems

Once the surface has been prepared, we can apply many different types of coatings, including polyurethane's, epoxies, texured coatings and other special coatings.

Methods of application includes: Spray, Roll or Brush

These projects follow safety standards according to OSHA regulations

* Minority Owned

* Industrial Coatings

* Industrial and Commercial Applications

* Specialize in Metal Surfaces



Structural Steel

* Sandblasting

* Water-blasting

* Travel Nationwide

* Journeyman Certified With Daniel International

* We Specialize in Tanks, having painted over 3,000 Nationwide