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Coating Application Technologies by Hughes Painting LLC - Gallery


Would you like to have an image of how surface preparation and coating application works are done? Welcome to Hughes Painting LLC gallery. Here we will share some pictures of what we do. Have a look at how our coating application technologies are performed.



Coating Application in Freight Vehicles


Have your cargo vessel units begun getting rusty? Do you think the coating of your transport investments needs any renovation? Are the safety demands affected because of the disrupted layer on the specialty applied vehicles? No problem. Have a look at our coating application technologies instrumentation. We can make your investments not only look much better but also renew their safety, working capacity, and convenience.

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Application of Coating for Industrial Tanks


There is no doubt, Hughes Painting LLC team are the real professionalists of industrial tanks coating application. We have been doing this job for over 40 years and have real success in it. Hundreds of satisfied customers use their tanks tinctured by Hughes Painting all over the US. No matter what they are specialized in, we know how to organize surface preparation and coating application processes. Here are some images of how it looks.

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