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Hughes Painting LLC is famous for highly professional and reliable industrial painting contractors. We always select the companies to call for with scrupulous care. Whether the matter is connected with industrial paints and other materials purchase or hiring people to do the job - we have a strong focus on the result.


Here come a few useful links for you to get acquainted with our industrial painting specialists and partners. Learn more about the industrial painting solutions by Hughes Painting LLC to make sure your investments will work under our effective protection!

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Main principles of Industrial Painting Services by Hughes Painting LLC

Surely, we guarantee  high quality  industrial painting and coating results. Wherever our services are used, we know the best solutions. We develop adequate and precise strategies for any application sphere. We put the highest demands on our partners choosing the industrial painting companies to deal with. So, we do our best to support our numerous clients all over the USA. Each member of our vast business team makes our work correspond with the highest safety standards.

Team mainstreams

Altogether, we make a considerable effort to provide innovative industrial coatings for our clients. We look to the leading world manufacturers for the raw materials. Our partners’ chemists and technical application experts are researching and developing innovative industrial painting ways every day. For instance, we are testing the latest applications of powder coating technology.